Yours Sincerely…..

Hello Mrs Hargreaves, do you have that piece of cake in hand as discussed? Excellent. I hope it’s scrumptious. 

I’ve been waiting for some kind of life changing event to happen so I could blog about it…even though all the blogs on how to successfully blog say don’t do that, write regularly….

Lo and behold, something happened today. Or more to the point, didn’t happen. I didn’t get a rejection letter in reply to a job application. I didn’t get the job but I didn’t get a letter. Or a call. Or a courtesy email. Not even of the automated & generic variety. And it drives me nuts. 

Recently I interviewed for a job & the panel said someone would call me by the Friday. There was a hold up with the decision making process and the senior manager called to keep me in the loop. Not HR, not his assistant, the boss rang. I’d have gladly taken a call from anyone but that right there is management setting the standard. His thought process was he didn’t want me to be concerned over the weekend. Even though I didn’t get the job, I thanked him profusely. All in all, it was such a positive experience. 

Lack of communication has got to be the number one killer of employee retention in any workplace. That isn’t an official stat. Just the results of the poll I personally conducted. Of myself. So that means 100% of people polled agreed that lack of communication in the workplace is the number one killer. Second on the list was unwashed dishes in the communal kitchen sink. Third on the list, pens & scissors constantly going walk about. Am I right fellow admin professionals, or am I right? People actually killing other people wasn’t in the top five. Surprising seeings I polled me and I’ve worked with some horrendous individuals….

When management are poor communicators I think it produces two things, the first being utter mayhem. And secondly, sincere frustration amongst team members who are simply looking for proper direction. 

It acts like a wet blanket thrown over the fire of proactive & dedicated staff. Slowly the flames flicker out & all that’s left is a pile of burnt out old wood. And do you know what my fine reader friends? It’s a company’s most valuable asset that’s been burnt to the ground. 

Listen up team leaders, managers & CEO’s: 

For all the technology that has been incorporated into our daily lives, our homes and workplaces and for all the technology still to come, people will always be your most valuable asset. Build your people. Be accountable for your presence, your absence and your decisions. Learn to communicate if it’s not a skill you possess. You can be the smartest person in the room. You can know the intricacies of your business without breaking a sweat. You can be a generally great human who always buys the good brand of biscuits for the tea room. But if you don’t learn to communicate well with your people you will lose them, no matter how good your intentions were. Clear direction. Clear expectations. That’s all honest, hard working & proactive worker bees like myself, want. And a pay rise. Clear expectations and a pay rise. 

I live by the mantra ‘be an employee of choice’. You’ve no idea how many of us there are out here in employee land who strive to be great at what we do, knowing full well its all for someone else’s gain! Employ us, direct us & respect us. You’ll have employees for life.

Yours etc…

Ps: the scariest part about blog post number 3 is any #GrammarFails.